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Rage Room Wrecking Package

Quick Details

Duration: 30 minutes

  • Full suite of protective gear including: Coveralls, face shield, gloves, and vests
  • Stocked arsenal of WRECKING weapons including: Baseball bats and crowbars!
  • Hassle-free smashing… Leave the cleanup to us!
  • Comfort and convenience of a fully air-conditioned facility, changing rooms, lockers, and Wi-Fi!

Rage Room Las Vegas: Wreck Your Very Own Room!

Enter our rage room in Vegas and let the demolition begin! Discover destruction therapy or simply come pay to break stuff and let out some pent up anger in our Wreck Room! Your 30-minute smashing session includes a variety of breakable items in a fun environment where we encourage you to destroy the objects inside the room.

Each person wrecks:

  • 15 small items
  • 5 medium items
  • 1 large item

Small items include beer bottles, computer mice, or something similar in size.

Medium items include computer keyboards, speakers, liquor bottles, or something similar in size.

Large items include printers, computer towers, radio receivers, or something similar in size.

Packages are based per person. Each person you add will add this many items to the room for everyone to share!