A smashing good time!

  • $35.00 and up / person (18 yrs and up) / 30 min

  • Full suite of protective gear including: Painters suit, face mask,  motorcycle gloves and steel toe booties.

  • Stocked arsenal of WRECKING weapons including: baseball bats and crowbars!

  • Hassle-free smashing… Leave the clean-up to us!

  • Comfort and convenience of: a fully air-conditioned facility, change rooms, lockers, and Wi-Fi!



Stress Relief

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Upset? We can't solve your problems, but we can make you feel better for a little bit.  Trust us, give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

Safe Aggression Expression


Wreck Room gives you a chance to experience a true primal feeling that adults in our modern society don't get to feel very often, especially without bad repercussions afterwards. 

A Totally Unique Experience 


Wreck Room is like a theme park for an angry adult. This is a truly free space to GO NUTS like never before! Don't worry about clean up either, we got that.


“I surprised my wife for her birthday and she loved it! It wasn't what I expected, they really blew us away. We will definitely be coming back to Wreck Room again. Thank you for the good time! ”